Getting movies from Blu-ray to PS Vita for playing in full screen

Outline: This tutorial explains how to easily convert your pretty much Blu-ray collections to PS Vita format for watching in full screen with just couple of clicks.

Sony announced its portable entertainment device - PS Vita. The heart of the system is an ARM-developed Cortex A9 chip with four cores and a PowerVR SGX GPU. The screen, as was seen at E3, is a 5-inch OLED capacitive touch-screen capable of multi-touch and a resolution of 960 x 544. This marvelous game machine has brought much fun to your family, I believe. Ever thought of turning your PS Vita to your portable media player for watching your favorite Blu-ray movie anytime anywhere especially during your trip?

Since the PS Vita can't handle Blu-ray directly, then you may ask how to manage your large collections of Blu-ray onto Sony PlayStation Vita for playback? No complicated steps required, all you need is a program which can help you effectively convert your Blu-ray movies to PS Vita.

To save you from the awkward situation, Pavtube BDMagic (Review) comes to give you a hand which is capable of ripping Blu-ray and DVD to PS Vita format for watching in full screen with fast speed and high quality. More stunningly, Pavtube BDMagic has the mighty power to disable any copy protection measure put on BD/DVDs in a walk, so that you can convert any copy-protected discs, like Despicable Me 2 and Frozen, to PS Vita without a hitch. For Mac users, try Pavtube BDMagic for Mac

Now download, install an run the superb Blu-ray to PS Vita Converter and use it to get your pretty much Blu-ray movies onto PlayStation Vita for watching. 


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Step 1: Load Blu-ray movie to Pavtube BDMagic.

Insert your Blu-ray to BD drive, and click “Load Disc” button to load Blu-ray discs.

Step 2: Choose format for playing Blu-ray movies on PS Vita in full screen.

Here we select mp4 with H.264 codec for PS Vita. Click the Format drop-down list, and select “Sony PS Vita Video(*.mp4)” from "PSP/PS3" category.

Tip: If you have special requirements on target video, click “Settings” to customize video size, bitrate, frame rate and sample rate. Here the resolution 960*544 is fit for watching Blu-ray movie on PS Vita in full screen.

Step 3. Ripping Blu-ray to MP4 for PS Vita.

Click the red “Convert” button to start ripping Blu-ray to MP4 for PS Vita. When it finishes, click the “Open Output Folder” icon to quick locate the converted video.

How to Transfer the Converted Video to PS Vita

1. Download 'Vita Content Manager Assistant' on PC/Mac. Right-click Vita icon and open 'Preferences'. Choose the folders that the Vita will access to find, and download, photos, videos, and music.

2. Grab the USB cable from the Vita box. On the Vita, the 'Content Manager' icon should be flashing its little head off. Give it a tap and click 'Start' to open up this content-transferring app.

3.You'll be given the choice of connecting to a PS3 or a computer. For this particular "How to", give the old 'Connect to a PC' button a little tappity tap.

4. Click PS Vita to PC, because I want to transfer a snap to my PC. You'll then be asked what you want to send over: 'Applications' (for backup), 'video', 'music' or 'photos'. Let's tap 'video'.

5. Tick the videos you want to send over, hit copy, and the videos will appear in the folder you specified in Step 1.

Now, watch and enjoy your favorite Blu-ray movie on PS Vita and make full use of your PS Vita during your trip. I found that BDMagic was the easiest program and the most stable converter that I've found. With it, I can also get my Blu-ray working on XBox 360Galaxy All tablets and even HD monitor. 
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