Edit iTunes DRM Videos Movies with Edius Pro 6/7/8

“I try to import some iTunes movie files to Edius 6/7/8 for creating a project. But Edius 6/7/8 does not recognize the iTunes movies I imported. It seems I need to remove the DRM protection from the movies in advance. I tried some iTunes DRM removal tools online but all end up with failure. Any are any beneficial tips and resolutions recommended to allow me copy iTunes M4V movies to Edius 6/7/8 for editing?” 

Why Edius Pro does not import iTunes M4V videos or movies? 

It is well known that movies and TV shows purchased or rented from iTunes store are all M4V files protected with Apple’s FairePlay DRM protection and won’t be authorized to be played on non-Apple devices, Not to say the Edius Pro editing software. To get iTunes movies imported to Edius Pro, you will first need to remove the DRM protection and then convert the non-DRM protected M4V videos to Edius 6/7/8 supported file formats. 

Edius Pro supported file formats 

Best Solutions for editing iTunes M4V in Edius Pro 

There are many program can perform iTunes M4V to Edius Pro conversion process. Pavtube ChewTune(Top 5 DRM removal programs review) surpass others with the comprehensive function to not only remove DRM from iTunes but also converting DRM iTunes M4V videos to Edius 6/7/8 best editing format for fast and fluid post-production workflow. 

 (Click here for Mac OS X 10.5) 

How to Remove and Convert DRM iTunes M4V Videos Movies to Edius 6/7/8? 

Step 1: Add source iTunes M4V files. 

Press the “Add Video” icon to browse iTunes M4V files from your local Mac computer to import to the program. 

import-itunes-drm-videos-songs.jpg (650×448)

Add iTunes DRM M4V files 

Step 2: Choose output file format. 

From “Format” bar drop-down option, choose one of Edius Pro 6/7/8 supported file formats such as “Common Video” > “MPEG-4 Movie (*.mp4)” to output. 

video-format-chewtune1.jpg (650×448)

Output Edius Pro supported MPEG-4 formats 

Step 3: Start iTunes M4V movies to Edius 6/7/8 conversion process. 

Go back to the main interface, hit right-bottom conversion button to start the convesion process. 

When the conversion is completed, find the generated files by hitting “Open output folder” on the main interface to import video files to Edius 6/7/8 for creating your own great editing work. 

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