Ways of Putting DVD to A Laptop for Playback via Projector

This guide here mainly tells us some best solutions of putting DVD to a laptop for playback via projector. Join us now!


Before we start to talk about the topic on how to rip DVD to laptop and playback via projector, what I wanna ask you guys is that if you have met such similar questions or trouble like this? 

‘I needed to put some videos for a church program on a portable laptop that did not have a built-in DVD player. I used it to convert the 11 lessons to videos that could be loaded into the laptop using a thumb drive. My attempt to just copy the files from the DVD on a computer that could read it to the laptop unsuccessfully because the laptop could not read the file. I was using a laptop with a projector attached that could only display 1024 X 768 pixlels. I could not understand the myriad of outputs so I just picked one and random that created a mp4 output and it worked.’

If you have read the statement above carefully, you may already get the answers to the trouble. All we need is a professional DVD ripper to make some changes to the original files. After comparing to other products, we found the Pavtube DVD Ripper has the unique ability of ripping DVD to laptop for a smooth playback via projector.

Some main advantages you may not know clearly:

  • 6X Faster conversion speed that can save you a lot of time
  • Directly or entire copy DVD files
  • Various output devices can be supported
  • Also a simple editor can meet your adjustments

Tips: It can work well with the latest operation Windows10 after tested. So there is no need to worry about it!

Download the program and load your files in with ‘Load from disc’, Load from folder’ or ‘Load ISO/IFO’. Since we know the MP4 can work well with the laptop projector, we here recommend the ‘HD Video’>>’H.264 HD Video (*.mp4)’s the best output.

Why we this program has another name ‘Tiny Editor’? Cause on the main interface, you can find he ‘Editor’ button so in there, you may ‘Trim’, ‘Crop’ or add some ‘subtitles’ to your videos. Is that cool? It is so convenient to play on projector, right? Let’s have a try here!

As soon as you did all the preparation, it’s time to click the ‘Convert’ to start the work. So if you still get other questions or advice, please leave them below as comments. We will give you a response as soon as possible.

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