Ultimate Converter Review- Get all movie playback on Galaxy Note 4 and iPhone 6 Plus

This article will outline Best Video Converter Ultimate to help you convert your favourite movies for playback to Galaxy Note 4 and iPhone 6 Plus at any time.


Apart from 5.5-inch phablet- iPhone 6 Plus, Galaxy Note 4 is also an uncompromising gadget, touting never-disappointing features as well. Both Galaxy Note 4 and iPhone 6 Plus are a great entertainment platform and portable media player for videos, movies, music and more.

Galaxy Note 4 and iPhone 6 Plus


Now just get the Galaxy Note 4 and iPhone 6 PLus Ultimate Converter and learn how to watch your favorite Blu-ray DVD movies and videos on your Note 4 and iPhone 6 PLus, and share with your friends with easy.


Best Video Converter Ultimate Review and User Guide

Would you like to watch a variety of interesting video (Blu-ray, DVD and any kinds of video) on your Galaxy Note 4 and iPhone 6 Plus, etc? However, not all video files are created equal. Some file formats require specific apps to play them, and some are made only for certain devices.

To watch all kinds of videos on your Galaxy Note 4 and iPhone 6 Plus without format limitation, you may consider using a professional and easy-to-use Video Converter Ultimate. Check out the review of 2014 Best Video Converter Ultimate program in Pavtube as below. (Read this Five Best Video Converter Ultimate Review to get more)

1. Video Converter Ultimate for Galaxy Note 4 and iPhone 6 Plus Review

Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate deals with it fantastically. With easy workflow, it will help you to remove copy protection of Blu-ray/DVD collection and convert videos with great quality for further burning or playback.

Download it and get it installed (iMedia Converter for Mac is made for Mac users) and learn how to convert Blu-ray/DVD and Videos to Galaxy Note 4 and iPhone 6 Plus with this 2014 Best Video Converter Ultimate program.

2. Video Converter Ultimate for Galaxy Note 4 and iPhone 6 Plus User Guide

1. Launch it and load Blu-ray/DVD/Video.

Click "Load file" button to import Blu-ray/DVD and "Add Video" to add video files. For Blu-ray/DVD Disc, the main title will be selected automatically and you can preview the whole movies by clicking the main title. Then go to choose the desired subtitle and audio in the dropdown list.

ultimate video converter

2. Choose output format.

Click "Format" dropdown list to choose the desired video format for output. 


For Galaxy Note 4,  “Samsung > Samsung Galaxy Note 4(*.mp4)” is recommended.

galaxy note 4 format

For iPhone 6 Plus, select "iPhone 6 Plus H.264 Full Screen/Full HD 1080P(*.mp4)".

iphone 6 plus format

Or directly search "galaxy" or  "iphone" in the right search box.


3. Customize video specs. (Optional)


For people who want to further customizing output video size and quality, you can click “Settings” on the bottom to enter Profile Settings Window, and customize video size, frame rate, bitrate, codec and sample rate(Hz). In general, the higher bit rate, the bigger output file size.


4. Start conversion.

Click "Convert" button to start converting Blu-ray/DVD collection and Videos for Galaxy Note 4 and iPhone 6 Plus. When it is completed, click "Open" button to locate the generated files.

Tips: How to deinterlace 1080i Blu-ray/DVD and movies?

Click "Edit" icon you will be promoted to Video Editor. Then click "Effect" option you will find the "Deinterlacing" is checked by default. That is to say, it will deinterlace 1080i Blu-ray/DVD automatically when converting.

More features:

* Full disc copy supports to backup the whole Blu-ray keeping original structure and chapter markers, which can be used for further burning or creating ISO files.

* It supports to convert different videos to another video format for further playing or editing.

* Added 3D profiles in Format menu. (Side-by-Side, Top-Bottom, or Anaglyph 3D in MKV/MP4/MOV/WMV/AVI)

* Choosing main title for DVD/BD by default/ full disc copying without choosing root title manually.

Get the generated files to your hard drive or portable devices, in this way, you can keep it safe and easily play it at any time.

More userful tips:

Get tremendous Blu-ray viewing experience to you by means of ripping Blu-ray sources to Samsung Galaxy Note 4: Bring Blu-ray to Galaxy Note 4

Idea of how to do the DVD to Note 4 transferring: Play DVD on Galaxy Note 4


Make incompatible MKV, AVI, VOB, WMV, MPG, Tivo, and WebM playable on your Galaxy Note 4: Convert Video to Galaxy Note 4


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