Losslessly Backup Blu-ray movies in multi-track MKV format

Description: Do you want to backup Blu-ray to MKV format without qulity loss? How to keep multiple audio tracks and multiple subtitles when converting. Here you will find an easy way to do it.

The MKV (Matroska Multimedia Container) is a video format that can hold several video, audio and subtitle tracks in one file. If you want to keep the multiple subtitles and audio tracks when ripping a Blu-ray movie, MKV is actually a pretty good output format choice.This guide will show you how to rip and convert Blu-ray to lossless MKV video with multiple audio tracks retaining.

Luckily I find a powerful and easy-to-use Blu-ray to MKV Converter. It can convert Blu-ray to MKV retaining all multiple audio and subtitle tracks in MKV files. The converted files is smaller but still good pic & quality with 5.1 channel. Pavtube ByteCopy is known as the best which also support to select audio codec for every audio tracks in MKV. Seemed the most reliable & easy to use & the site looked safe enough to use credit card on. Easy of use & good format choices. The Mac version is ByteCopy for Mac.

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Free download and install it:

How to convert Blu-ray to lossless MKV format for watching?

1. Load Blu-ray source.

First of all, insert your Blu-ray to Blu-ray drive and keep networked. Now it's time to import Blu-ray into the software after launching it.

Click "Load files" icon to choose Blu-ray source for importing.

2. Choose output MKV.

In the dropdown list of Format menu, you can find several MKV options for output. Here we recommend "Lossless/encoded Multi-track MKV (* mkv)" under "Multi-track Video" catalogue. Because it will save multiple video, audio and subtitle tracks form original Blu-ray in output MKV and you won't suffer any quality loss.

3. Select audio codec for output.

Click "Settings" button on the main interface; you are brought to Multi-task Settings. You are allowed to customize profile presets as you like, you could remove unwanted audio track in Audio tab under Settings menu, and uncheck subtitles you do not need in Subtitles tab.

Note: If you change audio parameters under "Encode" option, you will get a encoded multi-track MKV file, not lossless multi-track MKV. Recoding Blu-ray to MKV will take a little more time for conversion than lossless output.

4. Backup Blu-ray to lossless MKV.

When everything is ready, you can click "Convert" button to start converting Blu-ray to MKV with multi-track. Once finished, go to "Open" the generated MKV files.

Now it is time to enjoy your favorite Blu-ray movies with preserving all the multiple audio and subtitle tracks as well as chapter markers.

More features in ByteCopy:

* Full Disc Copy can 1:1 backup the whole Blu-ray/DVD disc with original structure including chapter markers.

* Directly Copy will backup 100% intact Blu-ray main movie with all the multiple tracks excluding menu.

* Contain all the features of BDMagic: rip and convert latest Blu-ray/DVD to various video formats for playback or editing, edit the video before conversion including trim, crop, effect, etc, add *sst and *ass subtitle into video part and so on.

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