Watch DVD movies on iPad Air/iPad Mini 2 with Multi-track MP4 format

This guide will provides you simple way to convert your DVD Disc to MP4 for playing on iPad Air, iPad Mini 2 with keeping multiple audio tracks and subtitle streams on Windows or Mac.

Looking to buy a brand new tablet? Not only has Microsoft put its Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 slates on sale, but Nokia has also come up with the Lumia 2520 Windows tablet. However, it’s Apple which has stolen the show (as usual) with its new iPad Air and iPad Mini 2 tablets.

Moving on to the iPad Mini with Retina Display (or iPad Mini 2), it’s also powered by the A7 and M7 processors, and benefits from MIMO Wi-Fi, the same camera setup, and all the other hardware features seen on the iPad Air. It is very convenient for video playback with iPad Air/iPad Mini 2 that you can easily take out in bags or pockets.

Now if you have already had lots of DVD movies, you can rip and convert these DVD collections and take them onto your iPad Air, iPad Mini 2 for playing anywhere and anytime.

In addition, you may find most DVDs include multiple audio and subtitle tracks so that people from different countries who speaking different languages can enjoy same movies in their native languages, so is it possible to freely swithing language while playing them in your iPad Air or iPad Mini 2?

To accomplish this goal, you need a powerful DVD Ripper to assist with the process of ripping DVD movies to iPad Air/iPad Mini 2 supported MP4 video file with multiple audio and subtitle streams and you can easily switch audio and subtitle tracks with freely chapter switching.

Pavtube ByteCopy, is such a tool for you. It is a new released BD/DVD backup and ripping program, supports to preserve multiple audio and subtitle streams and leave out unwanted ones, retain chapter information, allow editing videos, etc. (Read review)

Here we present you a brief instruction about keeping multiple audio and subtitle streams when converting DVDs to MP4 for enjoying on iPad Air/iPad Mini 2.

Step 1. Load source DVD Disc

After successful installation of free ByteCopy, launch it, click “Add Disc” icon to add source DVD Disc from disc driver. Or load from DVD folder or IFO/ISO file.

bytecopy main ui
Step 2. Choose output format.

Click the Format button, and you would see lots of profiles listed. To keep multiple audio and subtitle tracks from DVD Disc, you are recommended to choose “Multi-track Video” > “Multi-track MP4 (*.mp4)” for output.

choose multitrack output format

PS: If you want to lossless backup Blu-ray/DVD to MKV with multiple audio tracks and subtitles preserved for freely swithing language while watching movies, choose "Lossless/encoded Multi-track MKV (*.mkv)”.

Tip: If you want to remove unwanted audio or subtitle stream from original BD/DVD for output, just unselect the box in front of it.

Step 3. Convert DVD Disc with multiple audio and subtitle steams.

Click the Convert button to start converting DVD to MP4 with original subtitles, audios and chapters you choose. Find generated mp4 files by clicking “Open” icon and you can transfer and play DVD Disc with multiple audio and subtitle streams on your iPad Air/iPad Mini 2. And you can choose your desired audio stream.

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