Need a region free Blu-ray player to play protected Blu-ray Discs?

Summary: If you can't play Blu-ray due to the region codes? If so, here shows you top 5 region free Blu-ray Players to play any region-encoded Blu-ray. 

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“Error, Wrong Region” in DVD player/Computer DVD-ROM. Why? and How to Solve it?

Summary: How to circumvent DVD region codes when your DVD player/Computer DVD-ROM saying “Error, Wrong Region”? Here shows you several ways to play region-encoded DVD on your DVD Player and computer.

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Should You Buy MakeMKV, ByteCopy or DVDFab?

Summary: Here shows top 3 Blu-ray Ripper applications MakeMKV, ByteCopy and DVDFab. And we compared these best Blu-ray Rippers toe-to-toe to help you know which is the best for you. 

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Convert Video Formats with QuickTime on Mac

Summary: Different file formats can raise sharing/playback issues. Fortunately, Apple’s QuickTime app is geared up to read a range of file formats and lets you export them to formats suitable for a range of destinations

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How to Copy DVD on macOS Sierra?

Summary: This article shows you the easiest way to copy DVD on Mac OS X 10.12 macOS Sierra so that you can keep DVD backups on Mac hard drive. You also can convert DVD to digital files like MOV then you can play DVD movies with QuickTime on Mac OS X macOS Sierra.

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